The ultimate challenge to test concentration, hand-eye coordination, patience and reflexes, StackAttack is the new attraction now introduced exclusively across all four UK Diggerland Adventure Parks this spring.

Those who are bold enough to take up the StackAttack challenge will find themselves at the controls of a specially adapted, four-wheel-drive, Avant 520 Series Digger Loader with a hydraulic boom and a unique grapple that has been specifically designed for grabbing tyres. Working against the clock and within the confines of a 100 square-metre paddock, the StackAttack Challenge is to pick up, move and stack giant dumper tyres without dropping them or knocking the stack over! It sounds easy, doesn’t it?… It isn’t!!!

The uniquely, digger-themed, Diggerland Adventure Parks now offer more than eighteen different and assorted attractions, drives and rides to exhilarate and thrill all the family from age 5 to 90, subject to some height restrictions. Diggerland visitors to the Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire parks can spend all day getting to grips with real JCBs and excavators, taking head-reeling turns on Spindizzy, rising to lofty heights and taking in the views 50 feet up on the Skyshuttle, enjoying a bone-rattling ride on the off-road Groundshuttle, or having a merry go round on the JCB Dig-a-Round. For more about Diggerland and a run down of all rides, facilities and attractions, go to: where you can also book discounted tickets.

Kent’s Diggerland Adventure Theme Park Sponsor Invicta Panthas Kids Rugby Team

Kent’s Diggerland Adventure Theme Park is sponsoring a rapidly growing Rugby League club in Kent.

The Invicta Panthas are one of only two Rugby League clubs in the county. Founded in January 2014, the club registered over 60 players across two age groups (U11 & U13’s), in its first season.

As from 26th February 2016, Diggerland is now sponsoring four of the clubs teams, the U12’s. U13’s, U14’s and U15’s.

The Panthers are a CASC (Community Amateur Sports Club) non-profit club, who aim to provide sporting opportunities to all members of the local community.

The clubs ambition is to be able to facilitate participation no matter what the player’s ability or circumstances. Indeed aside from helping the club to provide the facilities and equipment, a donation or sponsorship will enable the club to provide scholarship/part scholarship type memberships for players from families who genuinely struggle to afford to afford their child’s access to sport, and who otherwise might miss out. The scholarship/part scholarship type memberships, will not be based on the player’s size or ability, but purely on their economics situation.

Invicta Panthas Chairman, Rob Faux said ‘The Panthers are delighted to have entered into this partnership with Diggerland. Diggerland are all about delivering fun to families and children, which fits right into the Panthers ethos’.

Diggerland’s sponsorship will go towards a new kit and training equipment such as balls, cones, sprinting parachutes and tackle bags.