5 Things Diggerland 1st Timers Should Know

Diggerland reopens for a brand new season on Saturday February 15th. Though we look forward to new events and new experiences, some things never change! So here’s a handy guide to all the Diggerland newbies having their first muddy good adventure at the world’s most unique adventure park!

1. No heels!

Diggerland is all outdoors, and our diggers can get quite muddy, especially in the rain. This is not the place to be dressing up in your Sunday best, so just throw on a baggy jumper and some trainers and give the mirror a day off! But avoid white trainers if you can, or bring an extra pair – trust us!

2. Bring your own lunch. Or not. We have you covered!

Whatever you wish to do we can accommodate. Every park has its own on site cafeteria selling a variety of hot and cold food, but if you would rather bring your picnic that’s ok too! We have outside seating for you to sit and tuck in with the family, so you don’t need to break the bank to enjoy a feast.

But if you do wish to indulge you can come and go as you please – simply get your hand stamped and you can pop out for food and return as many times as you like throughout the day.

3. Ride Spindizzy BEFORE lunch!

You might think you can handle anything, but for everyone’s sake just trust us on this one!

4. Check your diaries!

Diggerland is open every weekend from February to November, and on select weekdays around school holiday periods. Before you visit, check our opening times to avoid a wasted journey! You can also pre-book in advance for specific days and save a few pennies.

5. No need to rush!

Unlike other theme parks, Diggerland prides itself on shorter queuing times. Even when busy you won’t usually be waiting more than 30 mins for the most popular rides. This means in a day you can get around the whole park, twice, and take advantage of the unlimited rides without being rushed off your feet!

Duggy and Dotty's Very Muddy Christmas!

Winter is a quiet time of year for Duggy and Dotty. The parks are closed and all of our Marshals are with their friends and families. With so much spare time on their hands, Duggy and Dotty have been excitedly preparing for Christmas!

The advent calendars are sitting on their mantelpiece just above the empty stockings (because Santa hasn’t been yet!), and the Christmas music is on repeat. Luckily, thanks to Diggerland, getting ready for Christmas has never been easier for Duggy!

Top priority was getting the house lights and decorations up. Most people have to dust off the ladder and make a day of it, but when you have a shed load of diggers is much easier! Not only does Sky Shuttle provide relaxing views of the park for Diggerland visitors, but also comes in very handy when putting lights on the roof! As for planting the Christmas tree, well that’s what the brand new Komatsu excavators are for!

Now the house is full of festive cheer it’s time to start shopping, but as Dotty will tell you present buying is not Duggy’s strength! However, this year he is sending everyone he knows a Diggerland Gift Voucher – they are unique, lots of fun, and great value! As for the stocking fillers, he found plenty of nifty ideas in the gift shop.

Before we know it Christmas Day will roll around, and the most important meal of the year will need to be cooked. There are only a few things you can’t get at Diggerland, and a slap up Christmas feast is one of them! The café is closed and a burger doesn’t scream Merry Christmas, so as Dotty was running around the supermarket Duggy put the final touches to his homemade Christmas pudding.

As far as after dinner entertainment goes, Duggy & Dotty put on the best show in town! With over 18 exciting rides and drives for the whole family it beats charades!

Though Diggerland is closed over winter all four parks reopen on Saturday February 15th and you can preorder your gift vouchers now. Duggy, Dotty and everyone at Diggerland wish you a very merry Christmas, and we will see you all next year!