Car Smash Countdown

Tomorrow, July 27th 2013, will go down in history as the day the skies went dark, when chaos reigned, and when some of the biggest diggers in the land were unleashed on poor unsuspecting vehicles! For tomorrow is The Diggerland Car Smash – brace yourselves!

The Car Smash is a free event where two expert digger drivers compete in a series of crazy car-crunching challenges! It is the most spectacular event in our season, and all day our Marshals have been busily getting ready. But all you need to do is visit any Diggerland park, stand back, and enjoy the show!

So clear your diary and come to Diggerland tomorrow! The Car Smash begins at the following times:

Kent – 12pm

Devon – 1pm

Yorkshire – 1pm

Durham – 1.30pm

The Car Smash is a free event at no extra cost to Diggerland visitors, though standard admission rates do still apply. We look forward to seeing you, and let’s hope the sun keeps shining for the rest of summer!

Summer Is Here!

July & August are always our favourite months at Diggerland – the sun is out, school is finished, and we are OPEN EVERY SINGLE DAY! That’s right, we are here 10am – 5pm, 7 days a week right throughout the Summer holidays, and we have a couple of tricks up our sleeve too!

If you stopped by Diggerland Kent back on June 30th you would have seen the amazing Digger Wars! We put expert digger drivers head to head, or should we say wheel to wheel, as they battled it out to hoards of screaming Digger fans. Our marshalls did their best to keep things under control, but once they got the diggers going there was no stopping them!

On Saturday 27th July at every Diggerland park, you can witness the most smashtacular event of the year – it’s The Big Diggerland Car Smash Challenge! Two digger experts go head to head in a series of grueling, car-crunching challenges, and best of all IT’S AT NO EXTRA COST! So if you’re planning a visit to Diggerland make it July 27th and witness this extraordinary event!