Rain, rain, go away!

Another week, another new blog…I’m becoming pretty expert now!

The weather is MISERABLE! It seems like it’s been raining for 3 days straight and here at HO we’ve been discussing whether or not it’s worth canoeing to work…

A bit of an interesting one at DL this week…

Firstly we had some visitors pop over from across the pond to visit DL and find out more about us! The guys who had come from New Jersey, had a look around to see how we do things, and what DL is all about.

They themselves run their own attraction in Berlin (New Jersey, not Germany) called, Sahara Sam’s Oasis, which is an indoor water park with lots of slides and flumes and whatnot…

They were a very nice bunch who were very complimentary about DL and even told us to pop into the water park if we were ever in the neighbourhood. Here at HO are already planning a trip to Berlin (Again, New Jersey, not Germany).

A few weeks ago I mentioned that Channel 5 had been doing some filming on site for a new series they were producing. I can now confirm that this will be going out in 6 weekly episodes on Channel 5, from Friday 8th July at 8pm.

The show, which will be called  ‘Danger- Diggers at work’, centres around the goings on of DL’s parent company HE Services. The film crew have been around for several months filming at various locations and interviewing different people to show what life in the construction machinery business is really like.

DL will be featuring in the series, as the crew spent a bit of time over at DL Kent filming various bits and pieces with Andy G. I haven’t been privy to details as to what was filmed so I’ll be tuning in myself to see what went on and to see some familiar faces!

They filmed some final shots this week in the car park and I took a sneaky shot myself…It doesn’t show much but think of it as a taster! If you squint you can see our very own Louise and Kay being ‘showbiz’…

The guys from channel 5 filming (something?!) at HO

If you have seen any Ice Road Truckers, or Eddie Stobart: Trucks and Trailers you’ll have a vague idea of what to expect. But much better obviously! You’ll have to watch and see!

Rain pretty much everywhere this weekend so Wellies out for a trip to DL. Also raincoats and umbrellas! It’ll be nice and muddy! Wimbledon starts on Monday and as we all now it brings with it the promise of bad weather but fingers crossed things improve. I did hear a rumour today of a possible heatwave at the end of June…Do we dare to hope?!

Only 3 weeks till our Summer opening!!!! I hope all of you are planning a trip to see us over the holidays. We will be working doubly hard while some of you put your feet up!

Until next time, Happy Digging!


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Diggerland is the ultimate adventure park expeirence where children and adults can ride and drive REAL diggers and dumpers!
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